Etisbew provides best in class web development resources expertized with latest web technologies like HTML5, JQuery, AJAX etc to Digital Media Agencies to work as their own extended team resulting in better ROI

Agency support services

Digital Media Agencies across the world are providing full scale and end to end brand management and digital media services to their end customers. However there are two aspects whenever such services are being provided. One aspect is to understand end customer needs, understand the target market, understand cultural issues and come up with visual ideas for promotion. Another aspect is to translate the visuals into web pages, html campaigns, newsletter templates etc.

Etisbew believes that it is primarily very important that you as a Digital Media Agency would need to render the core and complex services which are your client business centric whereas the technology centric services that are non-core can be rendered by an extended team away from your offices.

Etisbew has a decade of proven experience working with Media Agencies like yours in providing Web Presence Management Services ensuring highest quality output and timely deliverables.

The following illustration demonstrates three different customer scenarios working with a Media Agency like yours and getting their individual requirements fulfilled. In each of the scenarios you will notice that the core components are being delivered by the Media Agency whereas the non-core (technology) components are being delivered by Etisbew.

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