Security is of paramount significance throughout organizations as the steep complexity of digital attacks has augmented in the recent times. Digital systems are turning into rising objects of sophisticated security attacks, making organizations exposed to business loss besides litigation costs, compliance fines and damage of customer trust. By mobility, cloud and virtualization summing to IT threats, the challenge to security has grown several folds. Nonetheless, any action taken after the crack will not be able to reverse the damage already imposed on the business. Businesses, hence, are shifting from reactive and intermittent security audits to preemptive run-time measures.

ETG's Security Testing Service offers holistic security assurance, facilitating businesses to function in a secure fashion. With key focus on areas such as Mobile application security, Network security, Voice Over IP Penetration security, Source code review and Cloud application security, our software security testing services enable an organization to avoid the pitfalls arising from unintentional disclosures of important data and make your applications secure.

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