Increase in numerous transactions and patients visits to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare units etc. escalated the need for exchange of data and concerns for its security & compliance.

Data exchange involved with Innumerable formats, inputs and storage at various locations induced further complexity in paper based system. The procedures, vocabulary used, and format in which data captured varied widely from one health care unit to another. It has become difficult for the doctors, administrators, and other decision makers. Data protection and its security & compliance to industry standards has been major issue.

This called for adaption of various security & compliance standards such as HIPAA, HL7, 12 CFR 11, etc. governing the healthcare industry while building software solutions.

Our processes are defined and meet the security & compliance issues and implement the applicable standards of the Healthcare Industry (such as HIPAA, HL7, and 21 CFR11 standards). Our effort is to fulfill the security and compliance needs of our clients, at the same time adhering to the applicable laws of the industry. This will reduce the risks, minimize the costs, maximize overall operational efficiency, and meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Our Healthcare IT Management ensures implementation of Healthcare IT Industry security and compliance standards (that can be on functionality, interoperability, and security etc.) while developing the software solutions that enhance information input mechanism, transmission, storage and retrieval data.