Etisbew provides end to end application development services on Smart Phones including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian operating systems. Employing the modern mobile frameworks, and technologies, we deliver gratifying solutions for our global clients.

Native Approach

Native apps are particular to a given mobile platform utilizing the development tools and language that particular platform supports. The major benefits of a native app are that applications run at native speed on mobile phones, and the frameworks lets developers to work in a programming language they may be more comfortable with.

Native apps are typically developed using an integrated development environment (IDE). Although iOS and Android apps are built using dissimilar IDEs and languages, there are numerous similarities in the development environments, and there's a little basis to probe into the differences. In short, you will use the tools necessary by the device.

Hybrid Approach

A hybrid solution makes use of web technologies, like HTML/CSS, jointly with native functionality. A hybrid app is fundamentally a webpage that accesses the device's sophisticated features, for instance location, camera, etc. Hybrid approach enables to embed HTML5 apps in a thin native container, merging the top elements of native and HTML5 apps.

Since hybrid solutions are mostly written with web technologies, they share the capability to make use of on hand development faculty. Hybrid applications can be a little slow for complex animations. But this constraint is often negligible as you may be able to use again some of your existing web content with the mobile app.

Choosing native or hybrid approach is purely based on business requirements needed in the Mobile application and the expectations set for the Mobile application.