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We leverage today's Industry Best Practices and Oracle innovative technology to help you become more agile and improve business efficiencies. We have the experience to address business lifecycle issues with Oracle Solutions. Our approach is risk adverse, highly responsive and successful. We are successful in deploying Industry Best Practices and leveraging Oracle Business Accelerators.


Our implementation services address business needs of the organizations and take into consideration the complexities of industry specific requirements. We align industry best practices and our expertise to deliver enterprise solutions that are effective, scalable as well and best in quality. Our approach is based on Oracle Unified Methodology (OUM), is flexible and designed for superior business, growth & innovation.


Our configuration management services automate configuration. We enforce a uniform configuration policy and have monitoring capability to detect and correct any changes in the configuration. This safeguards the systems against any vulnerability and also helps to make the system behave in a robust and predictable manner.

Customization and Integration

To complement the enterprise application being implemented so that it better suits the business needs, customizations and enhancements are successfully done by ETG. ETG provides its rich expertise in customizations as well as integration of various modules and is does so without compromising on time or cost.


Organizations coping with the dynamics of business environment regularly use ETG's expert advice for practical, thoroughly analyzed and planned roadmap for their projects. ETG uses its deep expertise in consulting for right selection and adoption of Oracle solutions, implementation roadmap and governance mechanisms over the entire range of Enterprise application stack.

Our Oracle Business Accelerators combine technology and industry expertise for companies that seek to achieve rapid implementations without sacrificing functionality or scalability. Accelerators allow our customers to remain innovative, agile, and competitive while maintaining margins as they grow. They are flexible with none of the rigidity of a preconfigured, SAAS or "clone and personalize" approach. We provide fast-growing or restructuring companies with the head start they need to implement, adopt, and manage enterprise-class applications in months instead of years. We help organizations build capabilities that meet their business requirements. We help our customers realize the full potential of ERP by tailoring to their business and integration requirements. Our process and tools enable businesses with increased productivity and sustained business growth.

Over two decades of experience across diverse industries

  • Oracle Gold/ OBA-Qualified Partner status
  • Gained rapid recognition as a premier systems integrator Continued education and specialization training / we have knowledge of the latest applications across the organization and associated industry best practices
  • Provide technical consulting with development and infrastructure expertise across implementations and upgrades, performance tuning, system sizing, maintenance and database administration including latest Oracle Fusion applications.

Key Benefits

  • Faster time to benefit from Oracle applications
  • Reduced project risks
  • More effective scope consensus
  • Rapid return on investment

How We Help

  • ETG has a strong track record for delivering smarter, better, high-quality, end-to-end ETG consulting results to our clients worldwide. With deep insight into your business and systems, we can help you adopt Oracle and then evolve and apply the technology in line with your requirements and goals.
  • ETG provides full support across the entire Oracle product portfolio, with proven & proprietary methodologies supported by stringent governance models. Our Solution Factory, Upgrade Lab, Tools, Accelerators and Enablers expedites implementations, migration and upgrades. Our deep knowledge about the requirements of enterprise systems, verticals and industries ensure your applications evolve along with your business.
  • ETG provides an exceptional Oracle solution set of products and services, including Oracle cloud, software, support, engineered systems. ETG is focused on the execution, delivery and support of complete enterprise software solutions.
  • With a delivery methodology containing an end-to-end roadmap of activities and task flows – ETG's proven strategies of pre-project analysis, R&D, and conceptualization enables to execute projects with lower overhead, resulting in faster implementation for our customers.

Rated 4.6 / 5.0 by 80+ ETG Clients on over 286+ Projects.