Healthcare industry is growing at fast pace with awareness of healthcare and ever changing lifestyles, environment pollution and stress contributed heavily for number of patients visiting healthcare centers in the recent past. Added to these the government regulations, increased volumes, and rising expectations of patients and visitors who are approaching healthcare centers contributed for growth of Healthcare Industry.

These reasons influenced healthcare organization to move from paper based system to a more efficient and secure internet / electronic/online systems to reduce the amount of time and effort spent by the healthcare personal in attending the patients and in addressing their needs. Healthcare providers need to use technology effectively to achieve an efficient, interconnected, and patient care focused environment.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software provides much needed solution for the above requirement. EMR software provides features and functions that enable the users to input, store, retrieve, and edit patient medical information more efficiently. Electronic Patient Records Software Solution also provides useful medical information about the patients to other interconnected segments apart from doctors, within the healthcare system such as laboratories, insurance, billing, finance and accounts, administration etc.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software fulfills doctor's need to go through the patient's medical history, including family medical history. Based on these Electronic Medical Records that include reports received from the laboratory doctor will review all the information in order to prescribe suitable remedial measures to treat the patients. Some of its benefits are:

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) solution provides secure login mechanism to view the medical records. This way Electronic Medical Records is can be seen and modified by the designated few who have access permissions to do so.

The data stored through EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software can be shared with the interrelated departments within or outside the practice area / system as per the standard organizational practices.

Doctors can minimize the amount of their valuable time spent without draining efforts on paper transcription. EMR software saves physicians time thereby covering more number of patients who also need physician's time within a given span of time.

Lot of time can be saved from transcription, recording and proof reading and thereby deriving significant financial benefits. Since EMR software solutions adhere to the HL7 and HIPAA standards the chances of risks associated with the patient data is eliminated.