Etisbew has vast expertise in building feature rich interactive websites using the open source DotNetNuke CMS platform. For, those who don't know, what DotNetNuke content management system is and how Etisbew can leverage this platform to provide you with the best web presence, the below information will be quite insightful and useful.

DotNetNuke content management system currently being known as DNN CMS, has all the unique features needed to create professional looking and easy to use community web portals, commercial websites and intranets / extranets. It comes with a support of all effective engagement features to build latest styled websites.  Using DNN CMS platform, with the help of interactive elements and immersive content, the audiences are bound to stay with the website longer.

What is DotNetNuke content management system best suited for?

DNN CMS has the ability to interface with Windows NTLM based authentication and Active Directory and makes it an ideal choice for intranet / extranet oriented websites. DotNetNuke content management system has security and authentication principles, with audit trials, NTLM and Kerberos authentication readily available. Session management and SSL logins are also better supported in DNN than other open source CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla etc. Security groupings for DNN are also flexible. DotNetNuke content management system offers better support for business critical applications considering long term website hosting options for medium and large businesses.

Document Management support in DotNetNuke Content Management System:

The DotNetNuke content management system has a full-fledgeddocument management solution that can be leveraged to greatest levels to enable viewing, storing and managing documents online arranged in a well defined hierarchical structure. The hierarchical structure can be defined with as many levels as required and access rights to each level can be easily controlled (Specific Users/ User groups). The Document management component in DNN CMS also comes with capabilities of workflow and versioning control for all elements in the website. This makes DotNetNuke content management system a quick solution for building simplest document management systems within any web portal.

You could also easily and seamlessly integrate your website built on the DotNetNuke content management system platform with Microsoft SharePoint in case SharePoint is already being used for the Document Management System. DotNetNuke Enterprise will be a good fit in such cases as the DNN Enterprise SharePoint connector supports both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010

Social Media Management support in DotNetNuke Content Management System:

The social management system component of DotNetNuke content management system platform enables to create and manage features related to online communities with ease.  DotNetNuke content management system is equipped with few quick features that utilizes and enhances social conversations in the online community platform to gain valuable insights leading to effective brand reputation management and coming up with new business ideas. The social media platform support in DNN CMS also helps the businesses to explore new sales opportunities by indirectly encouraging the users through community recommendations that help in increasing buyer's confidence in the brand. This mode of marketing spreads like a word of mouth that helps in acquiring of new customers and retention of existing customers.

This channel also helps businesses in the process of creating innovative products by capturing opinions from the conversations between expert users and common users. The informal customer support provided through this channel is also one of an effective way of improving brand reputation. Etisbew has proved the importance of this channel to plenty of its clients worldwide. This channel has proven to be a cost reducing factor enabling peer-provided support and assistance in an automated way.

Advanced Search Support in DotNetNuke Content Management System:

Etisbew has the expertise in implementing DotNetNuke search engine features in web portals to allow site visitors to quickly findany kind of content or information in the website. Implementing advanced search engine features in any web portal includes applying rich query syntax within the code. The advanced search features supported by DNN CMS are Boolean searches, phrase searches, relevance searches, wild card searches, fuzzy searches, and groupings based on certain criteria.

Cloud Based solution for DotNetNuke Content Management System:

DNN CMS is powered by Windows Azure which makes it a cloud-based CMS platform. Cloud based solutions using DotNetNuke content management system facilitates better scalability, reliability with great performance on a hosted platform to run DotNetNuke applications within the Microsoft suite.Hosting the web portal developed using DNN CMS on Cloud platform simplifies the installation, administration and maintenance process. In addition this DNN CMS in the Cloud provides you with built-in scalability and redundancy, as your business grows.  Additional data centers can be activated automatically to expand into new geographic regions as per requirements.

The backend interface in DotNetNuke content management system enables to schedule backups, manage software version upgrades and test new changes in a staging environment.  DotNetNuke content management system provides a unique and convenient platform to manage the website, backups, hosting environment, staging, and support in the cloud.