Trial compliance ranks as one of the key concerns among regulatory agencies. To mitigate these concerns, bio-pharmaceutical companies are moving away from paper-based systems to replace it with technology to better monitor patients, and proactively work with patients on their assessment and medication intake compliance by adopting Clinical Trial Management Solutions

PaDiSys-mPRO is a Clinical Trial Management Solution that improves data quality and helps reduce data variance, enabling monitors, investigators and sponsors to be content in their PRO data. PaDiSys mPRO Clinical Trial Management Solution architecture comprises of patients using a mobile application loaded on a smart phone, and clinicians using a web enabled application to manage patient compliance.

The PaDiSys Mobile Treatment Adherence solution (that is part of Clinical Trial Management Solution) ends its utility in trials that are particular about their patients' compliance to the trial protocol but which may not need the patient data capture functionality. In such a scenario, PaDiSys mTA (of Clinical Trial Management Solution), provides a low-cost solution, trial adherence reminders and information to be sent to patients' own mobile phones. PaDiSys mTA architecture comprises of patients receiving their messages via SMS technology and clinicians using web enabled application to manage patient compliance.