In an extremely regulated and competitive environment, it is essential for the banks to go beyond customer expectations and uniqueness. It is no longer sufficient to deliver modest and automated Banking solutions. With the intention of building reliability and drive productivity, banks have to provide a collaborative Banking environment. To accomplish this, banks have to upsurge their business agility by forecasting customer requirements and offer an appealing user experience

Etisbew has been implementing solutions and services around the core and non-core requirements of banks. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions and services for the global banking domain. With effective core banking transformations, we have facilitated our clients to stay competitive, lessen operation overheads and enhance productivity and viability.

We worked with few of the Biggest Banking clients across Middle East with the largest asset base. Etisbew created several Intranet portals for these Banks that increased employee engagement, helped effective knowledge sharing, made better informed employees and increased management involvement

Key Success Factors