An overview of Mobile App Development Frameworks

Native Apps
Native apps are particular to a given mobile platform utilizing the development tools and language that that particular platform supports. The major benefits of a native app are that applications run at native speed on mobile phones, and the frameworks lets developers to work in a programming language they may be more comfortable with.
Native apps are typically developed using an integrated development environment (IDE). Although iOS and Android apps are built using dissimilar IDEs and languages, there are numerous similarities in the development environments, and there’s a little basis to probe into the differences. In short, you will use the tools necessary by the device.
Hybrid Apps
A hybrid solution makes use of web technologies, like HTML/CSS, joint with native functionality. A hybrid app is fundamentally a webpage that accesses the device’s sophisticated features, for instance location, camera, etc. Hybrid app enables to embed HTML5 apps in a thin native container, merging the top elements of native and HTML5 apps. For instance, PhoneGap is the most admired container for building hybrid mobile apps.
Since hybrid solutions are mostly written with web technologies, they share the capability to make use of on hand development faculty. Hybrid applications can be a little slow for complex animations. But this constraint is often negligible as you may be able to use again some of your existing web content with the mobile app.
Web Apps
HTML5 apps or Web apps are multi-platform compatible mobile applications that run on several devices in view of the fact that they mostly run on browsers. As it is a mixture of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, it assists developers in developing striking applications for web as well as mobile. HTML5 will be considered as a better choice for mobile app development as it is economical and more efficient to build and maintain one app as a replacement for several native apps for different platforms like iPhone, Android and Windows.
Choosing native, hybrid or web approaches is based on business requirements, developer skill, timelines, and additional aspects. Etisbew is a global technology consulting company with over 13 years of experience in delivering Enterprise, web and mobility solutions. We work with client specific engagement models in developing their business, social and entertainment apps. We have high end expertise to develop native applications for iOS and Android; mobile web applications and hybrid mobile applications using tools like Titanium Appcelerator, PhoneGap, and Sencha etc. Etisbew has high level of experience in integrating mobile apps with external applications via web services, XML etc.

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