Advantages of cloud computing for healthcare industry

Healthcare has time and again been portrayed as one of the industries to leverage from cloud computing. Although a lot of industries gain from the cloud, it has been particularly beneficial for the healthcare industry, resulting in superior outcomes. Here are the few advantages of cloud computing for healthcare industry


  • – Security: One of the foremost motives for using cloud computing is the storage of online medical records for a majority of healthcare providers. With the latest HIPAA guidelines, cloud service providers are as accountable as the healthcare units they serve for the HIPAA compliance. This encompasses guaranteeing and certifying that data is encrypted and firmly backed up and can be recovered easily based on access roles.


  • – Scalability: Cloud solutions offer scalability to manage ever increasing patient data. Cloud service providers are able to adapt to your Electronic Medical Records or Electronic Health Records and store large volumes of patient data in safe, superfluous cloud storage.


  • – Mobility: Cloud solutions offer readily available patient information for physicians. They can access patient records whenever they are free, irrespective of where they are. Doctors can swiftly and effortlessly access patient data from remote locations. This enhances the doctor’s capability to present sophisticated care to patients.


  • – Cutback on costs: Cloud solutions helps in significant cost reduction for patients as well as health care providers. With the help of online medical records, patients need not pay for the same procedure again and again. And for the healthcare providers, they need not invest in infrastructure and maintenance costs for storing patients’ health records. Additionally there will be no expenditure for new software and updates to current software and the obligatory IT staff. Doctors can now give in prescription and top up electronically.


  • – Data Sharing: By adopting cloud solutions, patients and doctors can stay associated with each other. Healthcare services will happen in a more efficient manner and doctors can access the entire medical history of the patient without any difficulty. Moreover, reducing time, efforts and money for the patient in evading repetitive procedures.


In the current healthcare scenario, cloud service providers are offering a range of services to access medical information through cloud solutions for web as well as mobile devices. In order to meet the requirements of the healthcare industry, they are striving to enhance their cloud applications to efficiently manage lab records, billing software, pharmacy orders and more.


Author: etgadmin

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