Top Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2017

In today’s fast-changing technological world, mobile applications have become the part and parcel of everyone’s life. From making everyday tasks easier to updating the projects and so on, mobile applications today have practically become an integral part of businesses across the globe. It is believed that the way you enjoy during the first month of the new year determines your life throughout the year. So, let me discuss some of the mobile app trends to look out for in 2017 and help you in shedding new light in your business.




Here they are:


Security will be key


Although the technology is booming at a faster pace, the security threats of the same have also started to increase at a breakneck speed. So, using a two-step authentication feature while making financial transactions through mobile has become a mandate today. This eventually made developers to use robust applications that follow security guidelines. However, both IOS and Android are trying their best to use automatic security updates and more granular application permission model.


Location based services to enhance its rise         


With the increase in the use of GPS services on mobile phones, LBS will begin to evolve soon and help developers and businesses to flourish in 2017. Key areas where LBS can be implemented are retail offers, indoor mapping, security features, location-specific payment portals, travel and tourism, navigation and more. It is said that few of the tech experts have already purchased the LBS space and beacon technology to become more popular soon.


AR (Augmented Reality)


Augmented reality applications are one amongst many trends we can expect to see in 2017. AR which creates a new virtual world with the combination of real world as well as the reality has already shaken gaming world with Pokémon GO, a widely popular mobile game. And with the addition of wearable into the virtual world, AR tools can create a magic by making them used effectively not only in gaming sector but also in other sectors like retail shopping, restaurant business, automobile industry and more.


Interactive push-notifications


In today’s busy world, people won’t be having much time to have a keen look at the messages, so a time saving element like push notifications will be much helpful in more targeted audiences in short span of time. Push notification will help a user to respond to messages without spending much time to open it. As a result of which, time and battery of a user can be saved and enhance the functionality of an application significantly.


Cloud driven mobile applications


From normal customers to tech professionals every individual is now aware of cloud technology and its impact on our lives. It’s a well-known fact that it has attained a good place in mobile applications, so are the chances of coming across powerful mobile apps which help fetching the data directly from cloud and use minimum space in your internal memory.


Apart from the above listed there are many other Mobile Application Development Trends, which I have come across and going to happen in 2017 for sure. All the aforesaid changes that are about to come in mobile app world of 2017 will help your business to stand apart from the crowd and top the chart.

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Salesforce Lightning and Its Benefits for Your Business Community

Retaining back the old customers and grabbing the attention of new audience depends mainly on how a company interacts with its potential users and understands their experience. Usually 50% of the companies pay more for better user experience. However, only few firms will be able to measure their user experience and engagement. Then why customer interaction is not driven as a priority for many organizations? Well, one of the main reasons why many of the firms do not connect with its audience is that it does not gather and make use of potential customer data to gain insights or introduce any user engagement strategies. And to boost customer engagement, companies’ priority should be their customers.





Salesforce Lightning is a new redesigned interface that allows channel partners and developers to explore new ways for connecting with targeted audience. This massive UX upgrade provides great interfaces, better user experience, reduces the clicks and overall enhancement in design, development and deployment processes. Also, provides great interfaces over visual force design frameworks.


From the legacy community templates to visualforce framework, lightning experience offers many enhancements and benefits for Salesforce community including


Community management console


For attaining the analytics and managing and moderating of your community


AppExchange for components, templates and applications


Just like Google play store the AppExchange of Salesforce lightning supports incorporation of base experience through templates, apps and components.


Standardized design framework


The LDS (Lighting design system) of Salesforce helps to guide interface design and user experience.


Lightning bolt templates


It encompasses pre-packaged themes from Salesforce as well as its partners to tackle different cases, verticals and audiences.


Community builder


Ensure to organize your community design including applications, pages and templates with WYSIWYG editor and drag and drop interface.


To know more about how does Salesforce lightning benefit your business community, do get in touch with us at

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Ability of C Sharp DotNet Web Development to Cater Varied Application Development Needs

With the rampant growth in the development of various technologies, the need for building advanced applications with customized features and functionalities have become as a must in this modern era. And C# is one such modern, simple, object-oriented and type-safe programming language from Microsoft that is widely used by professionals to develop dynamic and secure applications. In addition to this, it is also used to develop eye-catchy, robust and engaging websites and web applications with framework.


Why most enterprises opt C Sharp or C# DotNet Web Development?


Quick Web and Application Development Services


Visual Studio .NET saves both the time as well as the efforts of web application developers. IDE that is being supported with various other programming languages and features is helpful in creating robust websites in short span of time.


Supports Diverse Languages


Microsoft intermediate language and common language runtime make .NET framework programming language disinterested, so the programmers can develop the code using any of the .NET compatible programming languages such as Cobol.NET, C++, Visual Basic .NET and C# and can integrate subsequently. Thus, C# .Net Web development helps programmers do their tasks effortlessly without focusing much on other new programming languages.


Provides a Platform-Independent .Net Web Services


Programmers usually spend hours in developing the complex, lengthy and effective code for creating standard based web services. But .Net frameworks provided with a set of customized tools help developers in creating web services easily and to seamlessly integrate with a range of Microsoft services.


Optimize Apps for Mobile Devices


With the advancement in technology many users have started to access websites as well as the web apps from mobile phones itself. Thus, the need for optimization of applications by targeting a range of mobile devices has become as a mandatory. For this, a programmer has to write extra code to make it well-matched with other mobile devices. And Microsoft has added many new features in C% .Net to help programmers optimize internet applications for mobile devices effortlessly.


Easy Integration with Standard Technologies


Every application that we develop today has to be integrated with a set of diverse web based solutions and services, and C Sharp DotNet developers can get the support for technologies like SOAP, UDDI and XML. It supports the networked objects to explore and communicate with other diverse networked objects.


Apart from the above listed there are many other benefits of C# .NET Application Development like Highly Affordable, Scalable and Secure, Improves the productivity, Easy configurations of applications and an opportunity to enjoy various methods of integration. If you have any plans of hiring C Sharp .Net web developers or web application development, our experts would be very glad to support you in that process.

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Best practices for successful Business Intelligence Implementation

Business world today is evolving at a faster-pace into the hyper competitive business environments to attain a quick response from employers, suppliers as well as from its potential customers. Usually, for an urgent or immediate response, a business individual is constantly being emailed or voice-mailed. Whereas to analyze the massive amount of information on the changing market strategies, business intelligence is the only solution that can help you out in informed decision making.


However, to implement a successful BI campaign, an entrepreneur must be aware of many things, like reviewing and gaining fine cognizance on the past BI projects, know every aspect of their business performance and many.




You may have the best BI group whose tasks is to implement a best BI solution that supports enhancing the business performance, processes, reduce maintenance cost, give clear idea on the historical data and possibly make the perfect predictions using analytics. But, the only question that strikes the business intelligence group is listing out of proper steps for successful BI implementation.


Your time is precious so try to save it by learning top tips for successful implementation of BI software. For your reference, here we are listing out few steps for successful business intelligence implementation.


Prioritize your targets: First know your choices and then try to match them to your business targets. For suppose, few of the business intelligence platforms are available at free of cost and time required for their proper setup is three to four weeks. On the other hand, we have subscription-based platforms that takes just one week for their installation. So, differs. Here choices will be based on whether you care for time or cost.


Establish a stable basement: It’s a well-known fact one cannot build a great building on a weak foundation, so build a solid foundation for BI projects with the support of users and stakeholders.


Get the right info at the right time: It is very difficult to make sure that you have a sufficient and right data to plot your advancement in certain areas. For this one require proper analyzing of reports and trends and frequency at which data can be reported to every department in the firm.


Make use of built-in tools: Always try to opt for built-in-analytics, instead of piling applications on applications on applications. As dashboards of analytics built in to the tools provide an easy look at actionable data with the minimum set-up on your end.


Define key metrics beforehand: Its quite important to determine the data you require and format in which it has to be presented before any BI software implementation. Know what you are exactly trying to show your audience and choose a perfect technology solution that can provide clear information with actionable insight. Extraction from web and monitoring of solutions go hand-in-hand with BI and informed decision making.


Apart from the above listed there are many other tips for proper BI implementation such as Define where the data is, make sure your information is clear and clean, share the value with the rest of the team, Make the technology work for you, not the other way around, empower end users by simplifying the toolset and infrastructure and many other.


For more details on successful business intelligence implementation solutions you can call us professionals today.

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Salesforce Winter ’17 New Release – How important it is for business growth

In today’s fast-paced technological world it is imperative for every business professional to generate more leads and stand apart from the crowd.


And Salesforce is surely an incredible cloud based service that enable businesses to improve their leads, manage sales and customer relations and enhance once productivity without any need for other heavy software’s or third party salesforce support and maintenance services.




It’s the time of the year again when this well-known cloud system has come up with its new release of Winter’17 to help enterprises enjoy its new features and work through complex business concerns in a single environment with ease. With salesforce Einstein, it has brought the power of AI to every individual. It has made the World’s no 1 CRM has the World’s smartest customer relation management by adding some natural language processing, predictive analytics and deep learning techniques to the customer success platform.


As per the sources it was also found that the new lightening release is out with some great stuff of around 432 pages wherein we can find over 300 new and enhanced features and 65000 jam-paced innovative points. And going through this understandably vast stuff is really a great task, so have listed some highlights from developer’s prospective.


New features of salesforce winter’ 17


In salesforce winter’17 new release, that been introduced a week ago has been launched with many advanced features, of which the one new benefit that sticks out in its lightening, the new name allotted to 2016 year iterations of the cloud apps sales that run through mobile devices and web browsers is its lightening voice. This new feature lets a sales rep an opportunity to place a phone call directly to potential user from within the application, log them or forward the calls as required.


Base lightening building blocks


Base lightening components that act as a building blocks of salesforce enhances the performance of modern Salesforce UI from the regular lightening experience to Saleforce1 mobile and to lighting communities. Also these basic components are very helpful on handling HTML, CSS, enhanced error messages as well as the accessibility and real-time interactions.


Marketing cloud


The World’s no 1 marketing apps that is helpful to reach an umpteen number of customers online.


Commerce cloud


Helpful in making a unified user experience a reality


App cloud


Can get to your desired apps easily with fewer clicks with new customization capabilities and navigation bar.


Community cloud


Can enjoy an opportunity to develop and apply your desired community theme that matches the feel and look of your brand.


Salesforce support service cloud snap-ins


The new snap-in chat widget of winter’ 17 release helps in embedding live agent in your mobile applications, website or the community.


Apart from the above listed there are many other advanced Salesforce winter’ 17 highlights such as

  • Has a flexible campaign influence
  • New lightening navigation menu
  • Can now easily add any flows to your lightning pages like record pages, app pages, home pages and many
  • Can implement your own mocking framework with Apex Stub API
  • Can now quickly customize your household and client views with its new drag and drop configuration etc.

In the end, all you need to know is how effective Salesforce winter’17 new release features are for designing and implementing new applications that would consequently enhance the business productivity.


For further information on Salesforce updates, Salesforce Custom Application Development or Salesforce Support & Maintenance Services, you can contact our professionals today.

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Reduce your IT expenses with managed Legacy Application Migration services

Constant improvement in technology makes many of the IT apps to get outdated at certain period of time. Also the steady raise in technological development is making many of the enterprises to modernize and move to new apps so as to fulfill the present day business requirements.


And to keep up with technological changes, support of legacy application migration service providers is must so as to assist you in transmigration from legacy systems to systems those developed by using advanced platforms and technologies.


Legacy application migration to cloud


In today’s fast-paced technological world, dealing with the regular updates and issues, supporting end-of-the-life systems may be bit tough and costly and so maintaining time-tested web applications and platforms up to the mark with the support of professionals is must for every business. Legacy application migration is one such service that helps in reusing and consolidating the existing business web apps to the time-tested newly scalable, manageable and supportable platforms.


Business challenges that can be met with legacy application migration are:


• Keep up-to-date with the constantly modifying business rules and processes
• Know the time and amount required to introduce new apps and technologies
• Overcome the risks involved in apps
• Reduce cost and boost your business capability, reliability, efficiency and performance
• Enhance your platform reliability, stability and supportability
• Reduce service risks by eliminating outdated software’s from your environment
• Reduce the number of technologies and skills to be maintained


To know how our solutions and services can support you, go through our website or contact us for more information on legacy Application Migration services.

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Databases used in Upgrade Initial Pass of PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 to 9.2 Upgrade

Today, technology is changing quite rapidly and so every business leader has to get updated with the new trends and upgrades that will have a good impact on the operating environment. Upgrades provide new clues on how an operating environment can alter and support in attaining top position in the existing competitive market. Thus understanding on how to upgrade from one version to other is quite important.



PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Upgrade


Upgrading it to the latest version can become difficult for many firms, but is important to achieve business goals in the global market field. When looked into the technical side, one need to know whether their existing hardware meets the minimum requirements, do they need upgrade to their OS, testing strategy that they are going to take up etc.


Planning and gathering of right information at a right time is the key to successful PeopleSoft human capital management.


Databases used in PeopleSoft 9.0 to 9.2 Upgrade


New Release Demo Database (Source)


It is a database that is being provided with your new PeopleSoft release. If you are pondering on to upgrade from PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 to 9.2 applications, then it is recommended to have HCM 9.2 demo database installed and configured and all the objects present in the new release are imported into the targeted environment.


With PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade, the benefit of using its source environment is To install the fresh app or use its upgrade source image.



Copy of production database


During the upgradation process of PeopleSoft HCM, one has to first upgrade their existing old release app to the newer one. For that, we need to take the latest copy of production database and choose it as a focal point for initial upgrade pass. At first all the objects present in the new release demo database are imported into the existing one and after the successful completion of the initial pass, this current environment will become as an upgraded copy for production.


Copy of current demo


Initial pass upgrade of PeopleSoft will also use a copy of existing release i.e. 9.0 demo. The main purpose of using existing demo is only to identify the customization done to it. All of its amendments are being recorded in UPGCUST project. This copy of production will be used as an upgraded copy for production and will also be utilized as a targeted source for next upgrade pass.

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A Brief Introduction of SAP Basis Support Services

Enterprises today are looking for new ways which helps them to improve their performance and transform their offerings in the ways that help them to develop and introduce unique approaches to the existing business at a faster pace. This makes it quite imperative for a business professional to stay updated with the extended enterprise ecosystem and their supply chains.


But the Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management systems today are playing a crucial role in streamlining the business upgrades, processes, integration, requirements associated with the immense challenge of support, schedule overruns, controlling of costs and change management. Hence, a business professional need to collaborate with the well-qualified IT vendors who is able to drive better return on investment on ERP investment in the form of contribution for expediency, business process improvement or productivity augmentation.


SAP Services


Etisbew has been assisting its potential clientele in managing their SAP ERP application tasks and achieve their business goals to stand firm in the competitive market. Our highly experienced technical team is well versed in consulting, end-to-end implementations, upgrades & support.


We are prepared to offer best solutions, thus understand the application requirements and develop the architecture, test it thoroughly and finally sends for implementation. Our experts rely entirely on industry-standard development practices so as to support our potential clients get maximum returns on their SAP investments. Our fine cognizance on the updated technology, software solutions and web application development allows us to customize the processes available within the ERP application to suit your specific needs.


SAP Basis Support Services

  • Consulting
  • Implementation Services
  • AMS Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Upgrade
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Data migration
  • Analytics

    Do your SAP system requires an upgrade? Is it running out of time? Contact our professionals today to meet your requirements.

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Why outsourcing services are important for Joomla Custom Development?

Joomla is one of the best open source content management platforms, used to create complex websites and Joomla Web CMS is considered to be the best choice for many types of websites that include corporate sites, news or blogs, government applications and sites where secure logins are required. With least prerequisites and easy learning curve, Joomla Application Development provides a fine PHP platform to meet the basic web development requirements of small as well as the large-scale businesses. Known to be a user-friendly management system, it helps a user to manage content hosted on the site effortlessly.




Technical observations on Joomla Custom Web Application


The growing popularity of this software today has made many developers to opt it as a perfect and easy platform for designing and developing of custom websites. Even a novice with minimum knowledge on web development and designing can easily perform a pretty good job with Joomla. Since its inception, it has managed to receive the attention of millions of programmers across the globe.


Being awarded as a best open-source CMS platform, it has really worked wonders for those looking for a high-quality and advanced framework. With best features like ease to use, demo option, truly economical and user-friendly choice, Joomla has topped the list to develop complex directions, e-commerce systems, communication tools and other inventory control systems.


Along with the amazing advantage of user-friendliness, search engine friendly URLs those generated by making use of this software plays a key role in offering tough competition to other business professionals. Also, its trial free feature makes it worth a shot. If you are new to the development platform, then Joomla is a tool for you, which can be downloaded for free and start developing visually rich and highly interactive websites.


With Joomla you can incorporate an umpteen number of customization options in your powered websites such as live chat room, new flash, Google map, newsletter subscription, two-factor authentication, BCrypt encryption of user passwords and many more.



  • Low deployment and development costs
  • vailability of free add-ons
  • Hassle-free feature enhancements
  • Supports in quick testing and validation
  • Incorporates all the advanced web technologies
  • Effortless integration with other apps

    There are many Professional Joomla Programmers, who have been providing advanced developing applications/portals to business professionals. Joomla developers like Etisbew are well versed with the latest trends available in its web development, and offers end-to-end application development services as per the client’s business needs and deliver enterprise solutions tailored to comply as per the business objectives and long-term goals.

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  • Gain an Edge with PeopleSoft Resource Management Applications

    PeopleSoft, a well-known enterprise software vendor acquired by Oracle in the year 2005 is one of the most trending ERP Technology today. Its applications provide comprehensive industry and enterprise solutions to meet the complex business needs, provide a lower cost of ownership, improve productivity and enhance the business performance.


    Whether you own a small local organization or a multi-national corporation, applications of PeopleSoft enable your company to easily adapt to the changing workforce, attain agility by minimizing the disruptions, make advanced decisions and effectively accomplish in the face of tough situations.



    Applications and Industries


    Today, PeopleSoft is used by several service-based industries like healthcare, education, financial, public sector and professional service providers. In general, it consists of two main apps that can address your requirements for Human capital management and enterprise resource management.


    HCM : HP, time and attendance, payroll, talent management and many.
    ERP: Procurement, financials, projects and many others.


    PeopleSoft Resource Management


    PeopleSoft resource management helps you gain fine cognizance on the importance of your resources like workforce profiling, your people, and Resource scheduling and usage analysis. It takes all the associated resources to a new level by using the traditional sourcing models.


    Functionalities those present in the PeopleSoft resource management enables an individual to assess supply chain and develop a resource plan that supports one’s corporate objectives. It empowers maximum usage of resources, increase profitability and minimize the cost.



    • Supports in analyzing of scheduled resources
    • Develop and maintain the resource pools for efficient resource management
    • To note the capacity of resource pool without specifying the a specific resource
    • Helps to quickly assign resources for targeted resources with express search and much more

    Wish to gain more knowledge on PeopleSoft application development? Pondering on to design and deploy the best solution for your project needs? Look no further, get in touch with Etisbew professionals today to simplify deploying and managing of PeopleSoft complex environments.

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