Application Migration Services

Do you have a legacy application and contemplating of upgrading to the latest technology?

Etisbew is the right choice to build a new application or migrate an existing application. Microsoft provides suite of products to build Small and Medium to Enterprise applications whether it is Desktop or Client/Server or Web or Mobile for Real-Time, Offline, Huge Data Oriented, Financial, eCommerce, Social Media applications etc.

Etisbew being Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has vast pool of experienced resources working on old MS Office Scripting solutions to Pattern based current frameworks including Analyzing requirements, designing, building, migrating and deploying applications. Etisbew works closely with you as the only client for Etisbew, as spirit, in understanding your requirements and guides you with a right migration approach in a cost effective manner.

Need for migration

  • Maintenance problems, complex architecture, deployment issues
  • Obsolete technology, Non-availability of resources for old technology etc.
  • Scalability issues
  • Integration issues with other systems
  • Difficulty with upgrade of system with new user requirements
  • Need for advanced security
  • Need for performance
  • Need for Rich Internet Application

Top 10 reasons to migrate

  • Richness & Robustness of the .NET framework
  • Smart client with Win Forms as well as thin client with Web Forms
  • Distributed architecture support
  • Rapid Application development - Results in low development costs
  • Ease and efficient deployment with no running cost
  • Integrated Development Environment support for total phase made easy
  • Web services and Remoting
  • In-Built Upgradeability and Scalability
  • Readymade tools for conversion to .NET
  • Advanced Security

Our application migration Services/Plans

  • Assessment services help you decide to stay, port, build, or buy
  • Select the target environment and plan your migration
  • Implementation and support services

Our migration technology services

  • Application migration in the same platform (VB to VB.NET, VB to C#, ASP to ASP.NET etc.)
  • Platform Migration (JAVA to ASP.NET, PHP to ASP.NET, ColdFusion to ASP.NET etc.)
  • Migration of databases, data servers (MS Access to MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server 2000 to 2005, Oracle to MS SQL Server 2005, MySQL to MS SQL Server 2005 etc.)