Application Functional Testing Services

The contemporary business setting demands multifaceted and dynamic solutions in a short span of time and with fewer resources. Our services help software vendors and business software users guarantee that their software is functionally flawless. We initiate the process with an assessment of the application/product goals and design a well-defined implementation plan for lining up functional testing objectives.

With state-of-the-art functional test automation tools and qualified testers, ETG provides exceptional functional testing services to discover defects quicker and greatly expand your test coverage. Our services mainly target on how well your systems can execute the functions including data manipulation, user commands, user screens, searches and business processes and integrations as well. Our extensive testing background helps in covering the surface as well as the back-ground operations.

With specific expertise and standard defect tracking tools, we test every individual component to give you an assurance that your bugs are fixed for every new release.

  • Well-structured and easily adaptable Testing Practice
  • Proven test processes at the stage of testing or organizational level
  • Customer driven engagement models
  • Continuous monitoring for quality improvement
  • Proven experience in test strategizing and test execution methodologies.
  • An end-user focused implementation.
  • Early identification of defects in the development process
  • Proficient testing by implementing best practices and contemporary tools.
  • Minimizing testing cycles, leading to reduced testing overheads.
  • Use of suitable defect tracking systems to log issues.

If you are looking forward to hire functional testing experts for your testing project needs, feel free to dial to our experts today.

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